Sunday, June 19, 2005

Vietnam War Hero Killed; Killer About to Be Set Free

Colonel James Rowe had been a POW in Viet Nam during the war, and was scheduled to be killed. Why was he about to be killed? Because his identity as an American Special Forces officer was given to the Viet Cong. And who gave it to them?

The anti-war Left:
Acting on a request from the North Vietnamese, students in a so-called anti-war organization in the United States researched public records and formulated biographies on Americans captured in Vietnam. After reading Lt. Rowe's biography, his Viet Cong captors became furious. They marched him into a cramped bamboo hut and forced him to sit on the damp clay floor. Several high ranking Viet Cong officials were staring down at Lt. Rowe. They held out a piece of typed onion skin paper.
"The peace and justice loving friends, of the National Liberation Front, who live in America, have provided us with information which leads us to believe you have lied to us," they informed Lt. Rowe. "According to what we know, you are not an engineer . . . you have much military experience which you deny . . . You were an officer of the American Special Forces."

He managed to escape that time, only to be shot dead in 1989 in a Quezon City traffic circle by members of a radical organization known as NPA.

One of those men was tried and convicted. His sentence is over in less than two weeks. Read the whole thing.

Thanks, Wretchard, for sharing the story of Col. Rowe, as well as for reminding us how the acts of the anti-war Left were used by the enemies of this nation.

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