Friday, June 17, 2005

Ralph Peters on GTMO

"Has the Bush administration made mistakes regarding Guantanamo? You bet. The biggest one was attempting to placate the critics."

Here's the link to Ralph Peters's "Gitmo Cocktail", but registration is required.

The nut of the article is this: Democrats (he doesn't use the name, but I will) and the terrorists have in common a deep-seated urge to see the United States fail, and becasue of that neither can be appeased.

GWB didn't try to appease "the evildoers" in this world. So why in the world does he perpetually try to appease carping Democrats? Perhaps this goes back to the rumored "Big Plan" of Karl Rove to take away chunks of the Democrat's platform in an attempt to undermine their coalition of support for years to come. If so, it may make Congressional Democrats all the more determined to drum up support for Impeachment hearings. (The GOP did it to Clinton, and you can take it to the bank that the Democrats are going to stop at nothing to attempt to do it to Bush.)

Heard earlier on the Bill Bennet's Morning in America, an emailer wrote that George Bush needs to get back to communicating to the American people why it is we fight, what he stakes are. It is far from obvious to the mass of people in the United States what the scope of the war is--that includes Congress, as well.

The Democrats may never shut up, but if they do it would only be because the polls have changed to show that opposition to the global war is still a big loser in the 2006 midterm. That won't happen without a serious education effort.

The nature of this conflict may well be etched as clearly as Waterford crystal in the President's mind. I just urge him to share "that vision thing" with us, clearly and plainly. No one else is going to do it.

(Hat tip: Jack Kelly over at Irish Pennants)

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