Friday, June 17, 2005

Jed Babbin talks with "Non" Reagan on MSNBC

or... 'You can tell which dog's been hit, cuz its the one that barks loudest'

Writing for the American Spectator, Jed Babbin recounts his time talking with Non Reagan on his new MSNBC show. The topic of the question was the Downing Street memo, something that the left has been flogging for the better than a month now.

Here's a quote:
After Ron Reagan pressed me to admit our casus belli was a tissue of lies, I told him that the fact we haven't found Saddam's WMD proved precisely nothing. That's so, I said, because while we fiddled and diddled in the U.N. for six months before military action began, Saddam almost certainly moved all his WMD and scrubbed away all the evidence of it.

When Reagan pressed me further, contending that none of the commissions investigating the missing WMD said they had been moved, I cited the report of Charles Duelfer's Iraq Survey Group, which spent many months searching for WMD in Iraq. That report, I said, showed the substantial body of evidence that a lot of people, money, and materials, possibly including WMD, were smuggled out of Iraq in the months before March 2003. The destination of these cargoes was Syria. I had touched a nerve: by the time I got home, the "Media Matters for America" blog had accused me of lying, and dozens of nearly identical e-mails (on the intellectual plane of, "liar, liar, pants on fire") were pouring in. I quickly stopped reading them and just hit "delete" when I saw them.

I hadn't merely touched a hyperlib nerve. I had challenged the basis for the hyperlibs' existence: to discredit George Bush and the war at any cost...

(italics are Jed's, the boldface is mine.)

Read the whole thing, which includes a link to the Duelfer Report.

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