Wednesday, June 15, 2005

9/11/01 Ground Zero Memorial

The Blame-America-First crowd has taken over the Ground Zero site.

That's right. The site where more than 3000 people lost their lives for no other reason than they were at work the day that crazed Islamists plowed jet airliners into their offices is going to be a place that "will host debates and note points of view with which you–and I–will disagree." So says Richard Tofel, the COO of the so-called International Freedom Center that is scheduled to open on the site in 2010.

Debra Burlingame is the sister of the pilot of the AA flight 77 that crashed into the Pentagon. Her website, Take Back the Memorial contains an action list for fighting the construction of the IFC which will be more of a Leftist 'why America deserved it then and really deserves it now' type of attraction than an exposition on those that fell that day.

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