Friday, June 03, 2005

LAT: Potential Arms Matieral Missing in Iraq

Here's a link to the story that Jack Kelly posted over at his site.

Unfortunately the story doesn't explicitly state "since when." As in: This material has gone missing since... March 2003? Some later time?

It is interesting to note that the determination that material is missing has been made by UN satellite imagery experts. With respect to vessels that could host all manner of chemical reactions, acting chief weapons inspector Demetrius Perricos said, "Due to its characteristics, this equipment can be used for the production of both commercial chemicals and chemical warfare agents."

Does that mean that it definitely was used for chemical weapons. No, of course not. Does that mean that it could have been? Naturally. Is that good enough for me? I think so.

Would it have been good enough information for a hoard of Democrats to come swarming out of the woodwork with torches and pitchforks, claiming 'George Bush was asleep at the switch!' had some of that material had gone BOOM on American soil?

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