Monday, June 27, 2005

Negotiating with Terrorists?

The Sunday shows were abuzz with talk that the US had had "secret talks" with the "insurgents" in Iraq. Rumsfeld said that in fact there had been many more than the two that his interviewer had confronted him with.

Why would something like this come to light? Why would the administration admit it?

Perhaps to illustrate the similarity between the enemies of freedom and certain elements of the United States Congress. Specifically: a demand for a firm timetable for US withdrawal from Iraq. (See Also: Chester)

The administration brings it out thinking that the political hay that could be made comparing the defeatists at home with the terrorists in Iraq would be greater than could be made over "negotiating with terrorists"? Possible. Nancy Pelosi, Dick Durbin and Ted Kennedy as heads of the Ansar al-Donkey fighting against us in the war from right here in Washington, D.C.? An interesting image.

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