Thursday, June 02, 2005

Jim Mattson, sufferer of BDS

JimM is one of the administrators of, home of the Wood Workers of America. It is a place I frequent and even support monetarily.

He's been away for awhile. Why? Because he's pissed off about the War. Here's his "Enough already!" post.

Now come on, Jim. I know how you feel. I dropped a lot of dollars to get the entire sordid bunch of Clintonistas out of the White House in 1996. It didn't work out. I got over it. And I most certainly did NOT isolate myself from all others on the off-hand chance they MIGHT have an opinion different from mine.

Are you really going to stay away from your own site until the War is over? How do you reckon when that will be? If we keep troops stationed in Iraq, as we have in Germany and Japan since the end of WWII, will that keep you away indefinitely?

Or do you mean you will be away until the larger war against violent Islamism? If you are going to wait for the last suicide bomber ever blows up, I'm guessing you'll be away at least 20 years.

Life's too short to live constantly pissed off. Ask me about it. I spent a good 4 years of my life lamenting the sorry state of a country that would re-elect a man to the Presidency who would certainly have been hounded out of a corporate boardroom for using a female intern as just another office supply.

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