Monday, June 27, 2005

A Question on the Occasion of SCOTUS's Ten Commandments Decisions Today

SCOTUS has now gotten into the art criticism business.
The Kentucky display featuring the Ten Commandments is just a little too... I dunno... fundamentalist for our tastes. This one... this one from Texas. Now that's good stuff!
Apparently context is the key to having an allowable visual representation of the Ten Commandments.

So here's the question that I take from their two decisions today:

How many non-Judeo-Christian elements must be part of a public building's installation to sufficiently dilute the impact of the Ten Commandments?

Something tells me the answer will be highly variable, not unlike the famous porn definition. If that is the case, has SCOTUS now set themselves up to examine every public building in America, allowing one display, but throwing out another?

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