Sunday, June 19, 2005

Torture Center Discovered in Western Iraq

Powerline has a little article up about a torture center that our Marines found in western Iraq. John Hinderaker asks the question:
"What do you think; do you suppose we need a lot more news stories about how a guard at Gitmo accidentally touched a Koran?"

I think not, but a story like this is only going to stoke the Left's fire a little hotter. "See?!" they will shriek, "They saw the pictures from Abu Ghraib and now they're doing it to Iraqis!"

To which I would answer: "I think the people doing this in Iraq already knew how." Or I could point not to Abu Grabass photos, but to a movie called "Three Kings" wherein a US service man was captured and tortured by Iraqis during the 1991 Gulf War. Looks more similar to that, based on the article's description.

By the way, aren't these "insurgents" the guys that Mike al-Moore called 'The Minutemen'? When I was in school, I never read about Paul Revere torturing his fellow colonists--even the Tories. I must have missed that day.

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