Monday, June 20, 2005

The Coalition of the Willing in Pictures

Chrenkoff has photos of the Coalition of the Willing. Along with the photos (nations in alphabetical order) there are some inspiring stories such as this one under the photo of the Salvadoran contingent:
One of his friends was dead, 12 others lay wounded and the four soldiers still left standing were surrounded and out of ammunition. So Salvadoran Cpl. Samuel Toloza said a prayer, whipped out his knife and charged the Iraqi gunmen. In one of the only known instances of hand-to-hand combat in the Iraq conflict, Cpl. Toloza stabbed several attackers swarming around a comrade. The stunned assailants backed away momentarily, just as a relief column came to the unit's rescue.

There's a lot more. Check it out!

(via the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler)

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