Monday, August 29, 2005

Katrina lands reports that Katrina made landfall 2 hours ago south of Buras, Louisiana. Dry air slowed the top winds to 140 mph.

Biloxi, Mississippi appears to be in the crosshairs now.

There's a Hurricane Katrina Blog at USAToday. WDSU has one, too, and they broke the story that there is a tear in the Superdome roof. It's a little weird to look at the weather bug in the corner of WDSU's page and see the current weather is 80 degrees (F) with light rain at New Orleans airport.

Kate over at Small Dead Animals has a satellite photo putting the size of Katrina in perspective with New Orleans.

UPDATE: (from the above mentioned WDSU blog)
4 p.m.: East New Orleans Underwater
New video from a WDSU crew shows east New Orleans is underwater. Only the very tops of some cars can be seen, and on other streets, the water has risen past the second story of some homes. A man was seen wading through chest-deep water. He told the news crew that he was searching for injured or trapped people. -- Web Staff
I hope the would-be rescuer doesn't become a victim.

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