Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Germany to Help in Katrina Relief?

Just heard via Laura Ingraham that Germany will assist in Hurricane Katrina relief. I haven't found a link yet, so this will be updated when I find confirmation.

UPDATE: 2005-8-30 2035 CDT: I haven't seen anything that confirms it. The closest I've seen is this lovely sentiment from one Joern Ehlers of WWF Germany:
[G]lobal warming had increased the intensity of hurricanes such as Katrina, but that it was unclear whether climate change had made them more common.

In general, ``natural catastrophes are more extreme and occur more often'' due to global warming, he said, noting that Germany had been struck with three severe floods in the past six years.

Though no conclusions can be drawn from a single event such as Katrina, that storm ``fits into the picture of modern climate researchers. It's a building block in the global warming theory.''

Aside from its tragic aftermath, Katrina might help people understand the urgency of global warming effects, Ehlers said. But do the Americans, infamous for consuming massive amounts of energy, have themselves to blame?

``I wouldn't go that far,'' Ehlers said. ``But it's a fact that the Americans have a big impact on the greenhouse effect.''
Ah, yes. Blame America First. Thanks a heap, Herr Ehlers. I guess that is the vaunted European Compassion coming to the surface. (The quote is from al-Guardian. See the story for an excerpt from a Jihadist cheering for the destruction.)

UPDATE II: 2005-09-01 1725 CDT: This link from Fox News lists the countries that have apparently offered help. Germany is, indeed, on the list.

UPDATE III: 2005-09-01 1726 CDT: Herr Ehlers is still a wanker and a Political Looter. (Hat tip to a Laura Ingraham caller this morning for the new term.)

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