Monday, August 08, 2005

Air America Begs for Bumper Sticker Ideas

Given their cash flow problems, AAR must have fired its own marketing staff. If you'd like to donate your expertise, here's the link to the Al Franken Show blog entry.

Comment number 1 is a beauty:
I have a few:
DRINK LIBERALLY (Get the government to pay for everybody's beer, and if a bartender cuts you off, whine that your civil rights are being violated.)

AIR AMERICA RADIO (Formerly proudly funded by the Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Clubs of New York!)

AAR: (Ask me about our creative funding opportunities!)

AIR AMERICA RADIO! (Radio for those who don't have time to think.)

AIR AMERICA RADIO! (Our bumperstickers will be around, even if we're not!)

AIR AMERICA RADIO! (Evan Cohen, please give us a call--Evan? Hello?)

AIR AMERICA RADIO! (Liberalism at it's Finest!) (Mocking you-don't get too excited)

AIR AMERICA RADIO! (We didn't INTEND to be a non-profit organization; do we qualify for OUR OWN government funding yet? Those Boys and Girls Clubs can't be trusted longterm to meet our needs.)

AIR AMERICA RADIO! (Al Franken's {HEART'S} Rush Limbaugh!)

AIR AMERICA RADIO! (Our staff will soon BE on Welfare!)

AIR AMERICA RADIO! (Evan-PLEASE call! It's Really Really Important!)

AIR AMERICA RADIO! (I guess Bill O'Reilly was right about us, after all!)
How long will that comment last? Maybe a long while. They don't appear to pay much mind to the comments.

(A tip of the hat to Brian Maloney for finding the comment thread.)

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