Tuesday, August 16, 2005

AP Editors Meet: Better War Coverage?

Jack Kelly has posted a story about an editors' meeting at AP, written up at the New York Times. Jack mentions servicemen's group life insurance as one way to get more reporters over there.

An interim step would be for the AP to pick up the dispatches of Michael Yon. He's already there and writing rings around the Green Zone-bound journos. How about Arthur Chrenkoff? He's got a link for just that kind of purpose (click here, editors) (I asked him if he would do it if asked by one of the big wire services; I hope he gets a chance to read his comments section). Arthur also nominates Michael Yon, incidentally. Chester would be another good pick.

The point is there are people already there and doing a great job, and with the monetary backing of an organization like AP, guys like Michael Yon wouldn't have to rely on the kindness of strangers hitting his Paypal link in order to buy film and other supplies.

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