Thursday, August 11, 2005

CJR Wonders Why No Coverage of AAR's Woes

The Columbia Journalism Review is covering the lack of coverage of the Air America Radio/Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club imbroglio. It does seem to have all the elements for a good Big Media story. (via Michelle Malkin and Brian Maloney)

In Brian's roundup of the AAR stories, the AAR anonymous apologists have been coming out of the wood work to try to change the subject. The comments thread includes (so far) a basic misunderstanding of the actual Enron scandal, some bashing of Michelle Malkin and that old lefy bugaboo... the meaning of the word "is". As in "Air America is paying the loan."

Not yet they haven't. Based on their missed payroll problem it is rather in doubt that they will be able to. And if the Boys and Girls club drops the Gloria Wise Community Center, will AAR see a need to pay back the money at all?

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