Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Plame Name Blame Game... part 341,503

The hope is palpable. The hope, that is, that Democrats can pin something actionable on Karl "The Architect" Rove. (Sidebar: did you notice he resembles Rush Limbaugh?)

Will it work? Nope, but the Dems are going to huff, and puff and look generally silly in the process. Jack Kelly has a good round up of the coverage and also coverage of the coverage. Today he follows up with an invaluable timeline of events.

Newsmax is reporting that Karl Rove is NOT the target of Federal Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald's investigation. (Hat tip: Rantburg)

Interesting. Now given that Karl Rove is legally free to discuss his actions, including his own GJ testimony, he's not talking. The stated reason being that Fitzgerald specifically asked him not to. Could be part of a massive "Rope-A-Dope" as Rush likes to say.

So who is Fitzgerald looking for? Obviously the prosecutor isn't saying, so we are left to opine. According to John Podhoretz writing yesterday on the Corner, it could be none other than Judith Miller of the New York Times. Yes, the Judith Miller who is in jail right now for not giving up her source.

And to top it off, Powerline has a piece on a NYT editorial on the affair called "Is Hypocrisy Still Considered A Vice?" In it they note a pretty huge "outing" of CIA operatives... committed by the NYT itself.

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