Friday, July 29, 2005

Air America Gets Funds - Women and Children Hardest Hit

Funds came into Progress Media from the Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club. The funds should have been used for activities for kids. Instead they went to fund a superfluous radio network.

AAR sez that Progress Media was defunct as of 2004 and that the head of that organization, Evan Cohen hasn't had any contact with Air America (shouldn't it be Air Amerikkka using wacky lefty spelling?) since May 2004. So don't blame the current managers of the network, 'kay?

Brian Maloney's got a great fisking of Air America Radio's latest statement on this over at Radio Equalizer.

(Hat tips: Michelle Malkin and Power Line)

Incidentally Air Amerikkka Radio is back on the air in Chicago. Sort of. They have a 2500 Watt transmitter in Crystal Lake. Not sure too many people in Chicago can actually hear that. But I can when I'm home and the sun is up. They go to bed at sundown. (source) I really thought they'd fold after November 2004.

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