Wednesday, July 20, 2005

John Roberts

By now everyone in America, as well as anyone else who reads American blogs, knows that GWB has tapped John Roberts to be his nominee to the Supreme Court. Judge Roberts, 50, currently sits on the DC Court of Appeals. Prior to that he was one of the most successful litigators in front of the Supreme Court. The majority agreed with him quite often, and Sandra Day O'Connor was part of that majority more often than not. That will make it difficult to argue that he is out of step with the court and with Justice O'Connor's positions. He's also said to be a great guy with a disarming personality, but that won't stop the Democrats from trying to slime him as the very death of Western civilization.

If you are going to be living on the edge of your seat for the next few months, worrying about the fate of Roe v. Wade, ask yourself these questions: Why are you worried? Do you have a sense of the Constitutional basis on which it should be overturned?

Even if Roe were overturned, abortion clinics nationwide wouldn't be bulldozed overnight. It would become a matter for the states to decide. If you would rather live in a state that allows it, get up and move! A good 80% of life's barriers are self-imposed.

See also: Hugh's writeup following his 6-hour show yesterday. Hugh worked with John Roberts back in the Reagan administration.

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