Friday, July 29, 2005

Over There

No, not the TV show. The real deal. Check out Michael Yon, who I had been remiss in adding to the blogroll until today. (I should probably take my whole Bookmarks folder over to Blogrolling and be done with it, eh?) Michael is embedded with the US Army's 1-24th Infantry Regiment, otherwise known as "Deuce-Four".

While some decry the "Law Enforcement Model" as a throwback to Clintonian weakness, there is an element of law enforcement investigation in the way our troops are operating. Michael's most recent dispatch describes the chain-reaction of events from bust to bust: Foreign jihadist gets caught --> Foreign jihadist blabs to everyone who will listen --> some kernel of information leads to the next series of busts. The fan out is what is keeping the increasingly effective Iraqi police ahead of the terrorists, insurgents and assorted criminal element at work in the new Iraq.

Read Empty Jars and then hit his PayPal tip jar.

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