Monday, July 18, 2005

Facts About Maryland: What the heck is King's Contrivance?

So I'm moving to Maryland. Part of that process has been looking for a new job, and one possibility is located in the city of Columbia, which is not too far from BWI.

While going to the airport one night to pick up a friend of ours, LOML spotted a sign for "King's Contrivance". I didn't have time to stop in and find out just what that was, and for awhile I forgot about it.

(It turned out, too, that the job opportunity I was looking at in Columbia fell through due to a casualty of some government agency's budget priorities. Oh well.)

For whatever reason, though, I happened to think of it and this is what I found:
King's Contrivance takes its name from the restaurant of that name opened in 1962 in the converted boyhood home of Judge James Macgill, descendant of Reverend James Macgill, the first reverend of Christ Church.

The 370-acre farm on which King's Contrivance is located was granted by one of the Lords Baltimore in 1730 to the Reverend James Macgill who was among the first Episcopal ministers appointed to the Province of Maryland. It remained in the Macgill family until 1961, a total of 230 years.
So there ya go. It's a village in or near Columbia in Howard County, Maryland. And it's named for a restaurant.

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