Sunday, July 31, 2005

Air America Radio and the Agreement "Months Ago"

If Air America Radio had agreed to return the ~$480,000 of tax payers' money intended for a Bronx Boys and Girls Club, as has been stated by them, when do they actually plan to... you know... follow through and return the money?

In a comment by erp over at Brian Maloney's Radio Equalizer it was asked whether the Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club had gone under. It being Sunday morning I'm not going to blow a call in, but their website is still up and running here.

If you wish to donate to help make up that $480,000.00 used to help Air America Radio instead, click here and tell 'em the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy sent ya.

UPDATE: Greetings, Radio Equalizer readers. See anything you disagree with? Feel free to comment. I want the record straight, even as the statements from Air America Radio tend to shift.

UPDATE II: August 1 - They do answer the phone as the "Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club". I'm left to wonder about AAR's statement "A link on our web site sent those interested in contributing to the camp to the Gloria Wise web site. Regrettably, the camp did not survive the closure of the Gloria Wise organization." [source] Indeed, as pointed out in the Newsmax article, the Camp Air America Experience is still there on the site. And Gloria is soliciting donations for it by phone, mail, or most prominently, PayPal. Here's the menu:
* $35 – Sponsor a morning hike in the camp’s 5000 acre park that helps 15 kids learn more about the world around them
* $75 – Sponsor an afternoon of fun-filled activities at camp that help 30 kids discover new skills and interest[sic]
* $150 – Sponsor a lifeguard for a day of waterfront activities for 50 kids, including swimming and canoeing
* $350 – Sponsor a life week at camp that builds self-esteem and self-confidence for one child
* $750 - Sponsor a life changing week at camp for two children of the same family
Why doesn't Air America Radio just cut them a check for the $480,000.00 as they agreed 'months ago'? That would sponsor
* 640 pairs of kids for 2 weeks at a time
* 'life weeks' for more than 1300 kids
* A lifeguard for 50 kids for 3200 days
* 6400 afternoons of fun for 30 kids per session
* More than 13,000 morning hikes for groups of 15 kids at a time
(but see below...)
Then again, maybe they just see the "Air America" name being worth that much. Ask 30 kids if they've heard of it; with their ratings, I can't imagine you'll get much reaction.

UPDATE III - Is it possible that Air America Radio's holding company doesn't have the cash to make the payment? That would be the simplest answer.

UPDATE IV - The New York Sun has found that, in fact, AAR has promised over $800,000.00 to the Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club. Multiply all of the above activities by 1 and 2/3. C'mon Air America Radio! Make the kids' day! (via Michelle Malkin)

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