Friday, September 30, 2005

Gloria Wise No Longer Associated with Boys and Girls Club of America

Checking the Boys and Girls Club of America site for Gloria Wise shows that it was listed as recently as Sep 22, 2005 05:17:16 GMT, but checking that same link today does not show it.

I've not found a news story yet that announced the severance of ties to the Gloria Wise organization, but it had been talked about a month ago [NYSun now requires registration] that the BGCA would take a vote on the matter.

UPDATE (2005-09-30 1600): The New York Post had the story on 9/21.
(Hat tip: the 'coast watchers' at Free Republic)

WHAT-AM (Philadelphia) Drops Franken, Rhodes

Spotted over at Michelle Malkin. I'm posting the excerpt in its entirety since the link requires registration.
Al Franken and Randi Rhodes are getting the boot from Philadelphia airwaves, as WHAT-AM (1340) is pulling off programming from Air America, the liberal talk-radio network.

Friday will be the last day, and a new WHAT lineup will begin Monday, said general manager Kernie Anderson, adding that "things were not working out" with Air America after about a year.

WHAT aired Air America's programming from noon to 7 p.m. weekdays, sandwiched between the rest of its lineup. The juxtaposition of liberal talk and WHAT's African America-targeted talk programming seemed an odd fit from the start.

Ratings were abysmal.
I wonder if they'll put more local programming on in their places, or just turn off the transmitter for a few hours. Perhaps another station in blue, blue Philadelphia will pick them up.

The Malkin story also notes that Franken's partner is dropping him to go write a book about her move to New York. I can't say I blame her. I've listened a bit to Randi Rhodes. While I find her tedious, she is at least a radio pro. Listening to Franken was pure torture. I can't imagine doing it for a couple hours a day, every day.

(See also: The Radio Equalizer)

What a Wonderful World

I was looking over Kate's Small Dead Animals and found this post:
I want a public service where the Highways Minister is prohibited from flying, where the Health Minister can only access medical care under an assumed name, the Education Minister must face a class of 15 year olds 2 weeks a year as a substitute teacher, and the Justice Minister has at least two released violent young offenders placed into his personal guardianship at all times.
There's more, too. Go forth and check it out.

I like the bit about the Education Minister. I suppose I'd just as soon not have a Secretary of Education here. I'm also glad that we don't have an exact analog to a Health Minister, since that would mean we'd have a full-on Government-provided, tax-payer extracted health care in this country.

As for our own... I'll have to think about it awhile. More later.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

White Sox Clinch American League Central

Paul Konerko snared a hot linedrive that could have emptied the bases and tied the game in the bottom of the ninth for a White Sox winner.

Cleveland will play tonight and could draw within 3 games with 3 to go against the White Sox. Even if the Tribe were to win their last 4 games, the could do no better than a tie with the White Sox... and the White Sox have the better head-to-head record.

That's not to say that I wouldn't want to see the White Sox win at least 2 of the games in Cleveland. It wouldn't be wise to play it casually going into the post-season.

Blame America First? Not Here!

Governor Pataki of New York has kicked the "International Freedom Center" out of the World Trade Center site. The AP's slant is that the governor was "[b]owing to pressure from Sept. 11 families." I think the outrage extended far wider than just the immediate families.

Governor Pataki's own words on the matter, courtesy of Take Back the Memorial:
I view that memorial site as sacred grounds, akin to the beaches of Normandy or Pearl Harbor, and we will not tolerate anything on that site that denigrates America, denigrates New York or freedom, or denigrates the sacrifice or courage that the heroes showed on Sept. 11.
I don't sense a lot of arm twisting behind a statement like that.

Governor Pataki's words are in accord with the majority of Americans and certainly a big majority of New Yorkers. Cox and Forkum had a cartoon that illustrated that position very well. "Come along Sweetie... That's not why we're here."

(See also C&F's June 9th cartoon, which nailed the moral equivalence angle.)

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Another Stem Cell Breakthrough

Doug over at Stones Cry Out has brought word of another breakthrough using stem cells:
In an apparent major breakthrough, scientists in Korea report using umbilical cord blood stem cells to restore feeling and mobility to a spinal-cord injury patient.
I join Doug in calling out Non Reagan and John "Silky Pony" Edwards to futher publicize this exciting development.

Go read Doug's post here. Then follow the link to the story.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Would-Be Subway Bombers Arrested in... France?

I found this story about would-be Paris Metro boomers over at Power Line. A line at the bottom of the story reads "Early reports indicate that the bombers were motivated by France's support for the U.S. war effort in Iraq."

Was John Hinderaker typing that with his tongue firmly in cheek?

Monday, September 26, 2005

Air America Radio Mimics NPR

And not just in the left to hard-left slant of the topics. No, they're effectively having a fundraising drive.

Thanks to Brian @ Radio Equalizer for bringing this one out for those of us who can't actually hear AAR.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Protesting the Anti-War Protestors

Every Friday Code Pink would show up outside Walter Reed Army Medical Center to jeer wounded soldiers and their families. Then the DC Chapter of Free Republic started showing up on an opposite corner to rally in favor of our troops and their mission. Last night there were far more people rallying in favor of the war than against it.

A gentleman from Chicago traveled to DC to take pictures of pro-War rally that will take place there on Sunday. You can find his pictures (of which the one above is an example) here; they include several of the Walter Reed counter-protest.

(Hat tip: Power Line)
(See also: this post)
(See also: The Carnival of Trackback Love over at MY Right Wing Conspiracy)

More: Protest Warrior was on the scene. Brendan Steinhauser is the Washington leader of Protest Warrior. This is his blog discussing the weekend's festivities. He expresses a bit of frustration with the lack of protest experience on the part of the Right. I guess I don't blame him. I could have come back a day earlier to DC in order to participate on Sunday... but I didn't. Had to pack.

Facts About Maryland: "BLIEVE, HON"

When you walk around Baltimore City ("Bawlmer, hon"), you see it everywhere: BELIEVE. White letters on a black background. "Huh," I thought. But I didn't pay it too much mind until I saw the first parody bumper sticker "Blieve, Hon".

Okay so it is ubiquitous and now people are putting their own spin on it. What is it?

It turns out that it is "an advertising, community-centered campaign aimed at reducing drug trafficking, drug violence, and drug use in the City." Sounds good. It could also have a beneficial effect for the homeless in the city, of which there seem to be hundreds in the Inner Harbor/convention center area alone. Not everyone is convinced it will work. Left-wing nuts over at the Baltimore Chronicle and Sentinel blame Bush, naturally. Whatever...

So what about the variants? Besides "BLIEVE, HON" there are also "BEHAVE" and "BEEHIVE", "BE EVIL" (said to be a favorite of John Waters) and "BE VILE".

The same magazine article mentioned green and white "Bertha's Mussel's" stickers, but oddly, I don't recall seeing a single one of those. Maybe next time.

Rita Hits Land

It happened in the middle of the night. Once again it is poor Louisiana that got it first. (New Orleans was already flooded yesterday thanks to a failure of one or another levee.)

If you haven't already today, check out Michelle Malkin, who has links to some photoblogging in Houston, and other storm watcher blogs.

Friday, September 23, 2005

New Additions to the Blog Roll

I've added Beth's "MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy" over in the Cotillion Ball area (even if it doesn't work as well as I'd like with Firefox. Perhaps I'll just go there using IE.)

I've also added Hugh Hewitt's new group blog "One True God." Check out this line up of bloggers:
Albert Mohler
John Mark Reynolds
Mark D. Roberts
Amy Welborn
David Allen White

Wowza... The first topic is about demons and there's already more there than I could readily read in one sitting. (ADHD? -- Ed.) I'll be checking back there frequently.

UPDATE: 2005-09-24 1000 CDT: I finished the posts on the topic of demons just in time to catch Hugh's second question regarding suffering.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Sultan of Umpapa Mau-Mau

LOML thought John O'Hurley's and Charlotte Whatever-her-name-was's waltz was a little flat. Not knowing anything about the waltz myself, I couldn't say as I could say. Looked fine to me, I guess. (I'll get to learn my own this Monday, courtesy of The Wedding Dance Specialists.)

Be that as it may, John and Charlotte have won the Dancing with the Stars Dance-Off. Coming on the heels of the revelation that Tyra Banks's breasts are indeed real, I think the nation can breathe a sigh of relief. (Hat tip: Michael Medved Show, Rantburg)

Well, except for Hurricane Rita about to smash into Texas.

Other than that, though...

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Perspective: Deadliest Hurricane Ever

I found this over on Yahoo! news this morning. I doubt it'll be mentioned anywhere in the Big Media, where Hurricane Katrina will continue to be framed as a) the worst ever, and b) All Bush's Fault.

The deadliest hurricane in US history hit Galveston in 1900. The storm surge swamped the entirety of Galveston Island. In the end, there were between 8000 and 12000 people killed.

Erik Larson, author of the recent Devil in the White City (and no relation to yr hmbl srvnt) also wrote a book about it called Isaac's Storm.

Here's more on the Galveston hurricane of 1900. There's a 16 foot high seawall there now as a reminder. To the people who feel they will wait it out "as usual", please reconsider! There is nothing "as usual" about a storm as huge as Rita. If you are anywhere from Galveston to Houston to Corpus Christi, why not head inland for the weekend?

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Latest From Mississippi

The link is to a southern Mississippi television station. It has some news on the progress and the needs for aid there. Harrison County, in particular, needs volunteers to keep the relief effort going (Harrison's county seat is Gulfport). If you are in the area call (228) 832-6653 to volunteer.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Bill Clinton Talks a Big Game

Now that he's out of office, Bill Clinton sure has been talking a big game about what he would have done. Sometimes he even phrases it as if he had actually done it. Such was the case with his recent Sunday Show blitz. (Side note: Did you notice how he has not missed a chance to throw in everyone's face just how rich he is now? He did it again and again on Sunday, talking about cuts to his tax bracket. Note to Bill--and everyone else who feels grossly UNDERtaxed: Leave a tip this year or quit your damned whining about it!)

At any rate, from North of the Border comes Trodwell with a round-up of Bill Clinton's statements from the time he was president. Check out Bill Clinton: Big Mouth, Short Memory. Gotta love the Blogosphere for jogging the ol' memory.

John Hinderaker from Power Line takes a look here.

What's German for 'Florida'?

The guys at Power Line have been watching the polls in Germany. It sounds like at various times either the Social Democrats (Schroeder's party) or the Christian Democrats (Frau Merkel's party) have gained the upper hand. At one point both leaders vowed to build a ruling coalition.

At the time of this post at Davids Medienkritik, it looks like the combination of CDU and CSU votes would be enough to shade the SPD. Barely. But, points out David:
The number of seats for each party is not exactly proportionate to the percentage distribution of votes because of some intricacies of the German election law ("Überhangmandate"). Also, while the SPD is 3 seats short of the CDU/CSU seats (225), there can still be changes due to a by-election to be held in Dresden on October 2, 2005.
Will one or the other throw a Gorian temper tantrum and take it to the courts? Is that even allowed in Germany?

Saturday, September 17, 2005


It be getting close to National Talk Like a Pirate Day.

What be a pirate's favorite state?
(Get ye to the comments to see the answer.)

--Black Jack Cash

Friday, September 16, 2005

Larsonian Institution Calls for Immediate Withdrawal

By unanimous vote, the Board of Regents of the Larsonian Institution resolves that

whereas the political system in Chicago is an utter quagmire, and
whereas they have been known to rubber stamp anything that hizzonner da mayor requests, and
whereas they have been known to make really goofy, non-binding resolutions such as making Chicago a Nuclear Free Zone, in the past,

the Chicago City Council shall be dissolved forthwith, that all of its members go home by the most expeditious fashion, and never to be seen in public again.

Heck... it makes about as much sense as their dopey resolution for the immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq. 29 to 9 that thing passed. Somehow I expect that all 38 of those voting will claim to "support the troops".

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Katrina Relief From an Unexpected Place

Near the bottom of this Michelle Malkin post) I found this bit of news on Katrina Relief:
Iraqi soldiers serving at Taji military base collected 1,000,000 Iraqi dinars for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Iraqi Col. Abbas Fadhil, Iraqi base commander, presented the money to U.S. Col. Paul D. Linkenhoker, Taji Coalition base commander, at a Sept. 5 staff meeting.

"We are all brothers. When one suffers tragedy, we all suffer their pain."
Iraqi Col. Abbas Fadhil.

The amount of money is small in American dollars - roughly $680 - but it represents a huge act of compassion from Iraqi soldiers to their American counterparts, said U.S. Army Maj. Michael Goyne.
Thank you.

They should set that aside and see if the new Iraqi dinar doesn't go up in value over the course of the next few years. If COL Fadhil's efforts are any indication, it should go up considerably.

Michelle's not the only one who is left scratching her head about all the "My People" talk, by the way. Check out Ith over at Absinthe and Cookies, too. (via The Cotillion)

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Katrina Help WIKI

Hugh Hewitt mentioned it and I'll put it here, too, on the off-hand chance that you read here but not there. (A small population, to be sure--Ed.)

The Katrina Help WIKI.

If you've been seeing 'stories' that seem a little extreme, even to the point of unbelievability, take note and help out Hugh with your examples here.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Meanwhile, in Mississippi...

...the people need help, too.

Here's a link from the Oglethorpe County News, regarding items needed for the relief effort in Pascagoula.

If you would rather give cash, here's the address:
New Town Baptist Church
3969 Paoli Road
Carlton, Ga. 30627

Air America Radio Blog Roundup

Doug from Stones Cry Out makes an interesting comparison between the Salem Radio Network. Salem is the home of Hewitt, Medved, Prager and Bill Bennett:
Bill Bennett's "Morning in America" radio show started at the same time as Franken's did. At the one-year mark, Bennett's show was broadcast in 116 markets (including 18 of the top 20) while Franken was heard in only 50.
Meanwhile, Air America Radio has pushed the money that had been transferred to them from the Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club into an escrow account: $875,000. (And I didn't think AAR had that kind of scratch.) However, it appears that account is controlled not by the New York City Department of Investigation, but rather by... Air America Radio's parent company. (What are they called this month?--Ed.)

Michelle Malkin's got the story, along with a press release from DOI.

Brian Maloney brings to the table the nature of the account and what New York law says about that kind of account in a piece updated particularly early in the morning.

Tom Blumer examines how AAR can grind through dollars and still survive over at BizzyBlog. Tom points to an article from Professor Bainbridge last month in which a commenter suggests that Multicultural Radio (owner of Air America's FORMER Chicago affiliate) take the owners of Air America Radio into Federal Bankruptcy Court in a petition for Involuntary Bankruptcy.

On Big Media's Wishful Thinking

Hugh Hewitt asked "And why can't American newspapers carry writing like this?" He amends that to note that the ones that carry Mark Steyn do... but the rest generally don't. (I'll put in that Lileks is pretty darned good, too.)

The piece in question really nails the Big Media folks whose sole interest is in trumpeting that "This" will finally be "The Thing" that topples the Bush Administration. It doesn't matter what "This" is. In the last couple of weeks it has been the hurricane that smashed the Gulf Coast. Prior to that it was the mother of slain soldier Casey Sheehan. Prior to that... actually without Google, I don't even remember what the last Great Hope of the Big Media was.

A blog by the name of Slugger O' Toole has gained permission from the columnist to reprint his piece in full. Go there and read "Ill wind may not blow to the Whitehouse" by Newton Emerson. In fact, bookmark it for the occasion of Big Media's next Great Hope.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Beth is Back

Read it at the Cotillion: Beth is back home in Alabama and the power is on.
OK, here’s the deal. We left Sunday and stayed in Birmingham, but since the power’s been out here we stayed longer than I had originally planned. We only came back today to check on the cats and refill the food and water, and we were going to move to Fort Walton Beach for however long it took for the electricity to come back on here (since it’s a lot closer than B’ham).
The rest of her story is here.

Welcome back, Beth.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Thursday, September 01, 2005

U-2 Photographs the Devastated Area

A U-2 surveillance aircraft was dispatched from Beale AFB in California to survey the devastation. "The Optical Bar Camera, or film-based imagery equipment used, is ideal for photographing very large areas with high resolution. In a six-hour mission, a U-2 employing the OBC can collect imagery over 90,000 square nautical miles." (Black Anthem military news)

I don't know if I want to see the photos.

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Don't Forget About Mississippi

A word from one of Mississippi's favorite sons, Brett Favre.

Perhaps I'll take a trip up to Madison tomorrow before I hit the road for Washington on Saturday.

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A Pause in the Blog-a-Thon for a Word from...

Foamy the Squirrel.

WARNING: Not safe for work. Not safe for anyone with a low tolerance for profanity. Not the sort of thing a good Christian should be sharing, but I can't help it, because beneath the profanity, I agree with the message.

Here's the link. Click on the Hurricane Report live from Louisiana.

(hat tip: Rantburg)

Feed the Children

Feed the Children pledges 91 cents of every incoming dollar to services. Two percent goes toward management and supporting services, and 7 percent goes toward fund raising appeals.

(None of those 7 cents are coming my way, I should add. I'm doing this because the group is well positioned to get relief aid down to the hurricane-battered states of the Gulf coast right now.)

You can see Feed the Children's Financial Accountability page here. It includes their form 990, and their fully audited financials as well.

Please give generously. The people of Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana will be counting on it during the months ahead.

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