Monday, September 19, 2005

What's German for 'Florida'?

The guys at Power Line have been watching the polls in Germany. It sounds like at various times either the Social Democrats (Schroeder's party) or the Christian Democrats (Frau Merkel's party) have gained the upper hand. At one point both leaders vowed to build a ruling coalition.

At the time of this post at Davids Medienkritik, it looks like the combination of CDU and CSU votes would be enough to shade the SPD. Barely. But, points out David:
The number of seats for each party is not exactly proportionate to the percentage distribution of votes because of some intricacies of the German election law ("Überhangmandate"). Also, while the SPD is 3 seats short of the CDU/CSU seats (225), there can still be changes due to a by-election to be held in Dresden on October 2, 2005.
Will one or the other throw a Gorian temper tantrum and take it to the courts? Is that even allowed in Germany?

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