Monday, September 19, 2005

Bill Clinton Talks a Big Game

Now that he's out of office, Bill Clinton sure has been talking a big game about what he would have done. Sometimes he even phrases it as if he had actually done it. Such was the case with his recent Sunday Show blitz. (Side note: Did you notice how he has not missed a chance to throw in everyone's face just how rich he is now? He did it again and again on Sunday, talking about cuts to his tax bracket. Note to Bill--and everyone else who feels grossly UNDERtaxed: Leave a tip this year or quit your damned whining about it!)

At any rate, from North of the Border comes Trodwell with a round-up of Bill Clinton's statements from the time he was president. Check out Bill Clinton: Big Mouth, Short Memory. Gotta love the Blogosphere for jogging the ol' memory.

John Hinderaker from Power Line takes a look here.

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