Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Katrina Relief From an Unexpected Place

Near the bottom of this Michelle Malkin post) I found this bit of news on Katrina Relief:
Iraqi soldiers serving at Taji military base collected 1,000,000 Iraqi dinars for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Iraqi Col. Abbas Fadhil, Iraqi base commander, presented the money to U.S. Col. Paul D. Linkenhoker, Taji Coalition base commander, at a Sept. 5 staff meeting.

"We are all brothers. When one suffers tragedy, we all suffer their pain."
Iraqi Col. Abbas Fadhil.

The amount of money is small in American dollars - roughly $680 - but it represents a huge act of compassion from Iraqi soldiers to their American counterparts, said U.S. Army Maj. Michael Goyne.
Thank you.

They should set that aside and see if the new Iraqi dinar doesn't go up in value over the course of the next few years. If COL Fadhil's efforts are any indication, it should go up considerably.

Michelle's not the only one who is left scratching her head about all the "My People" talk, by the way. Check out Ith over at Absinthe and Cookies, too. (via The Cotillion)

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