Friday, September 09, 2005

Air America Radio Blog Roundup

Doug from Stones Cry Out makes an interesting comparison between the Salem Radio Network. Salem is the home of Hewitt, Medved, Prager and Bill Bennett:
Bill Bennett's "Morning in America" radio show started at the same time as Franken's did. At the one-year mark, Bennett's show was broadcast in 116 markets (including 18 of the top 20) while Franken was heard in only 50.
Meanwhile, Air America Radio has pushed the money that had been transferred to them from the Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club into an escrow account: $875,000. (And I didn't think AAR had that kind of scratch.) However, it appears that account is controlled not by the New York City Department of Investigation, but rather by... Air America Radio's parent company. (What are they called this month?--Ed.)

Michelle Malkin's got the story, along with a press release from DOI.

Brian Maloney brings to the table the nature of the account and what New York law says about that kind of account in a piece updated particularly early in the morning.

Tom Blumer examines how AAR can grind through dollars and still survive over at BizzyBlog. Tom points to an article from Professor Bainbridge last month in which a commenter suggests that Multicultural Radio (owner of Air America's FORMER Chicago affiliate) take the owners of Air America Radio into Federal Bankruptcy Court in a petition for Involuntary Bankruptcy.

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