Monday, October 17, 2005


Other than during 'Rain Delay Theater', I've never gotten to hear the "White Sox are the champions!" in my lifetime. After beating LAA 4 out of 5, and 4 in a row... with 4 complete games by the starters, at that, now I can.

Here's the Sox official site which shows the end of Fox TV's coverage of the game.

Considering they lost their last World Series appearance 46 years ago to LA (the Dodgers), maybe beating LA (Angels, in this case) is a sign that it really can be their year.

At any rate, what a great season. I'm glad all the talk of a late season collapse was premature.

ObWhiteSoxFanPessimism: It figures that it happens the year I move from Chicago. :) Did they sound the air raid sirens like in '59?

White Sox Solidarity: Bama Pachyderm has this quote as her thought for the day over at My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, 10/17:
"The Magic Number is none!"
Bill Veeck, September, 1959

(Go White Sox!)
You can put it on the board... YES!

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