Monday, October 17, 2005

A Compilation of Quotes From Our Trip to Aruba

"Look! A pelican!"

"Crabs!" (a couple times... once for some sand crabs at night on the beach, the other for some other kind skittering around the rocks on De Palm Island.)

"Where did the iguanas go?"

Her: "Mourning doves? Here?"
Me: "They must smell the impatiens on you."
(An inside joke)

Hardship, Palm Beach, Aruba style

Her: "What time is it?"
Me: "I can't see... the palm tree is in the way."

"I banged it [my forehead] on the hut." (Did the hut survive the impact -- Ed.)

"Must be rush hour"
After 4 cars in a row passed on Irausquin Blvd as we were trying to cross the street

Other Fond Memories

[parrot at the Wyndham] "Cracker!"
Me: "I'm not a cracker. You're a cracker!"
[parrot] "Cracker!"

The iguana that seemed to have adopted a strict diet of maraschino cherries from the Tambu Bar.

Declaring our hut #15 to be our own private Umpapa Mau-Mau. Then coming back from a dip in the surf to find that I hadn't extended the boundary line far enough, I created the newly annexed land of West Umpapa Mau-Mau.

Me: "Good morning, Honey."
Her: "Good morning, Mooner."
After the T-Shirts we were awarded at the General Manager's cocktail party last Tuesday night. Oddly enough, we didn't see anyone wearing them.

Her: "She rubbed my hair. All the way to the ends!"
In reference to our dual hour-long massage at the Intermezzo Spa on De Palm Island. Should you find yourself in need of relaxation, seek out Adriana and Adriana from Intermezzo. They do good work.

Her: "Whoo... this [pina colada]'s strong."
Me: "I could get a cup and you could dump a little of the rum out, if you want."
Her: "It's the Caribbean... I want the rum."

The Aruba Aloe Guy
He would come around a couple times a day hawking sun care products from Aruba Aloe. One of his pitches ended with "And fellas, it is better than Viagra."

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