Monday, October 24, 2005

Mold Remediation...

...on my jacket and my trusty White Sox hat. They had been in the trunk of my car since I didn't really need the jacket at this point, and the hat was somewhat hidden. With all the rain we got starting the day of our wedding, the conditions in the trunk must have become wonderful for mold growth. After a week away I opened the trunk and there was both WTF? and OMG!

Sadly the hat was a loss, but then it didn't quite fit anymore. (I was a 7-1/4 when I bought it back in the early Nineties as they switched to the current logo.) [You're a crawly amphibian... your head couldn't have swollen from that -- Ed.] It will give me an excuse to get a new one. (Hopefully no one will think of me here in Maryland as a Johnny-Come-Lately front runner!)

The jacket, however, was a rather pricey item from The North Face. I've heard borax works, so I'm trying Clorox II right now.

Any other thoughts?

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