Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Common Cause With Terrorists

Warriorjason has this pic up at warriorsvoice. It is crystal clear to our soldiers in the field that to lobby for withdrawal from (e.g. defeat in) Iraq is to make common cause with the terrorist enemy. It bolsters the resolve of the enemy while eroding the will of the people in this country, bit by bit.

The little cardboard sign now reads "Liberals & news media, THANKS for your support! Together we can defeat the American infidels."

Note to the hard Left: you are counted among the infidels, too, lest you should forget. They would like you every bit as dead as anyone else in America.

Click the image for Jason's take.

Meanwhile the hard Left in the United States is awaiting the 2000th serviceman to be killed in action with all the solemnity usual reserved for a supermarket's 1 Millionth Customer. Here's a site where you can find a gathering of Leftwing ghouls near you. (via Rantburg and Little Green Footballs)

It is a sad thing to lose your young men and women in combat, but it is a thoroughly disgusting thing to rally behind the bodies of the fallen as evidence that the war should end immediately. Should that occur, every one of the fallen would have died in vain.

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