Friday, October 28, 2005

Plame Name Blame Game... part 341,504

File photo.

And the winner is...!

Some guy named Scooter? (photo, right, is the best I can do since I wouldn't know I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby if he stepped on my foot on the Metro.)

He's affiliated with Cheney, and it is said that CIA lifers have a bug up their tail about the VP going back 20 years or maybe more.

This isn't the end. With the blood of the VP's chief of staff in the water, the Dems are only going to want to get their hooks into Cheney that much more. And then the President. (And that's what this has been about every since the Clinton was impeached. Bank on it.)

So who did noted paleocon Novak get the name from? Was it Scooter? Someone else?
Was Joe Wilson [pictured above with his lovely wife] questioned before the Grand Jury? I'll bet that would make for some interesting times.

The take away message here is: never agree to talk to the grand jury. If they want to take you, they'll find a way to take you... even if it had nothing to do with the original theory of the investigation.

(And if only poor Scooter had been talking about sex... ah well... lawyer up.)
(Wilson photo source: Vanity Fair via Michelle Malkin, if memory serves)
(The Muppet photo I found here; I disagree that the Swedish Chef was among the worst Muppets ever, however.)

UPDATE: Power Line's Paul Mirengoff predicts no further indictments. That would really tick off the Rove haters... but it wouldn't end anything.

UPDATE II: I did find the Vanity Fair pic at Michelle Malkin. Here's the link to her story.

UPDATE III: Monday, 31 October: "I feel sorry for Libby, whose life is ruined even if he beats the wrap. But after him, the Libs are the big losers. They sent Patrick Fitzgerald out to hunt for bear, but all he bagged was a squirrel." -- Jack Kelly. Read the whole thing.

UPDATE IV: The base is fired up about Samuel Alito for SCOTUS. Bush is The Grinch That Stole Fitzmas.

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