Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Lovely Missus Goes 5-for-5

The Montgomery County Maryland Agricultural Fair finished this past Saturday. I am very pleased to announce that My Lovely Bride won a ribbon in each of the 5 baked goods categories she entered. Yes, yes I am a very lucky guy.

This was the first fair she ever entered anything and is already plotting her strategy for next year.


hbl said...

That would be your "better half", Erik

Revista *CaLMa* said...

Thank for your visit, my english is very poor, so I can not speak a lot of

hbl said...

Ah, no.

That wasn't Erik. It was me, his father.

Erik is a little young to have nostalgic feelings towards S&G...

Ah, no.

Eso no fue Erik. Fui yo, su padre.

Erik es un jóvenes pequeños de tener los sentimientos nostálgicos hacia S&G..