Monday, August 13, 2007

Around the buddleia

Hummingbird clearwing

Hummingbird clearwing (Hemaris thysbe)

fl: 82mm (macro); exp.: 1/1000s, f/6, ISO 200; NEF file processed with the Gimp 2.2


This Monarch is a little tattered but still taking care of business...

fl: 82mm (macro); exp.: 1/640s, f/6, ISO 200; NEF image processed with the Gimp 2.2



titiao93 said...

actually, doesn't hurts, it's just a music that i like xD
ps: how did u find my blog?
i would like u to read my texts in portuguese, if u want to i can translate it
have a nice friday

titiao93 said...

by the way: very very nice pictures

eLarson said...

Muito Obrigato, Titiao.

I actually hadn't been to your blog until today. Possibly someone was using the "next blog" feature in the Blogger's title bar.

Unfortunately my ability to read Portugues has deteriorated considerably since my trip to Brasil in 1997.

hbl said...

But, thanks for the nice comments...