Tuesday, April 18, 2006

What's been going on?

Well, around this blog, I'm sorry to say "not much."

I had been informed by my employer that I've been downsized as of the first week in June. Since I've become rather accustomed to gainful employment, I've put my energy toward finding a new gig here in Washington.

There is an almost bewildering array of jobs to be had around here. The limiting factors are "fit" and "commute". The job I interviewed for this morning would be about 30 miles away. An interesting job, to be sure, but the pay better be really good for it to be worth that kind of daily commute! Time will tell.

Also, we still don't have internet service at the house, and we have a couple of gaping holes in the drywall (heh) to allow the water from our leaky pipe to dry out.

Did I mention that this isn't some antebellum farm house we're talking about, but brand new construction? (Actually, I guess I did.)

Until I've got full time internet--I'm sponging off the WiFi at present--posting will continue to be light.

If you are in the Washington, DC Metro area and have need for a software engineer with experience in embedded systems using vxWorks and C, hit the comments. I'd love to hear from you.

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