Monday, April 24, 2006

High Level Bill Clinton Staffer Fired for Leaking

Mary McCarthy, fired from the CIA for leaking sensitive information to the WashingPost, was part of Bill Clinton's National Security Council. (She succeeded Rand Beers, who went on to become John Kerry's advisor on foreign policy. Is that how John was able to skip out on the official intel briefings?) Ironically, McCarthy was part of the CIA's Inspector General's office. That's the office that investigates leaks. Who got her that gig? I'm sure we'll never find out.

As I posed earlier at Rantburg, every one of Clinton's former staffers who are presently in State, DOD, CIA or any other position that even sniffs foreign policy should be hauled in for questioning.


You've got former Clinton National Security Advisor Sandy Berger caught filching papers from the National Archives (slapped on the wrist with a $10k fine). Former Clinton Justice Department official Jamie Gorelick sat on the 9/11 Commission when she should absolutely been testifying BEFORE that Commission regarding "the wall" that stood in the way of any kind of "dot connecting". (You do remember the "failure to connect the dots" talking point, don't you?) The star of the Plame Name Blame Game, Joe Wilson, was also a member of Clinton's NSC. He got to go off to Niger for a few days, made an oral report only (WTF?) and then loudly claimed that Saddam absolutely didn't try to buy "yellow cake" uranium there. You've got Al Gore, Madeline Albright and even Bill Clinton himself spouting off before foreign audiences about the current administration.

It sure seems like there's more going on than the usual bureaucratic bailiwick protection racket. Rush calls it the Democrats' Culture of Treason. Hard not to think in those terms, I must admit.

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