Tuesday, February 28, 2006

UAE Ports to Take Over From British Company

in the management of 6 US ports.

At least that is what the President is saying should happen. Congress is saying "WHOA!"

Hugh Hewitt says that the unease we are feeling could be based on the increased likelihood of an 'inside job'. But won't all the same Union guys be working there the day after as the day before? Who else is suddenly allowed to be there to 'case the joint'?

On the radio Rush postulated that perhaps it was all just a means of drawing out simple recognition on the part of the Democrats that there is a REAL enemy out there, and that they are at war with us whether or not we want to be at war with them.

Me? I'm not sure what to think just now. I know that Bush isn't stupid, and that he tends to do things for a reason--albeit sometimes for reasons that aren't discussed. (See also: Harriet Miers). When Jimmy Carter comes out in favor of the move, I'm inclined to get on the other side. From weakness in the face of Islamic agression in Iran to giving away the Panama Canal to championing the electoral, er, successes of dictators, Jimmy has done little to strengthen the position of the US in the world and plenty to undermine it.

So, let's let Congress have a hearing about something interesting and useful for once. With the current bipartisan furor, they should be able to override a Presidential veto. (Note to myself: the President hasn't vetoed anything to date. Why is he going to the mat on THIS thing?)

I hope they answer these questions, especially:
1) Doesn't Denmark do this kind of thing, too?
2) Were they not interested in buying out the British company?

UPDATE: (Found at In From the Cold, via Vodkapundit) Perhaps basing rights in the UAE is playing a role here? That's certainly one reason why GWB would want to keep the deal alive.

UPDATE II: Kevin Drum is scratching his head, too.

UPDATE III: Heard on Laura Ingraham, a listener wrote words to the effect of "Sure Bush is digging in his heels on this, just like he did for Harriet Miers. Look what that got him..."

It got him Sam Alito, and at the same time it muted criticism over not replacing Sandra Day O'Connor with another woman. In the current case it has gotten him Chuck Schumer rooting for Halliburton to do the job (video at link).

UPDATE IV: Varifrank noticed something interesting about Emirates Air Cargo and JFK airport in New York. It has to do with ownership...

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