Thursday, February 09, 2006

Blanco Threatens Energy Embargo?

Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco seems to be threatening an energy embargo... against her own country:
Ms. Blanco, a Democrat, said Monday that she sought to split the leasing fees 50-50. "If no effort is made to guarantee our fair share of royalties," she said, "I have warned the federal government that we will be forced to block the August sale of offshore oil and gas leases."
(source: NYT)
From elsewhere in the article comes this from Andy Kopplin, executive director of the Louisiana Recovery Authority: "There's a very clear connection between our role providing one-quarter of the oil and gas produced in this country and our vulnerability to hurricanes."

Not to mention Louisiana's penchant for electing the corrupt and apparently, now, the crazy.

Meanwhile, another story at the Potbelly Stove suggests that the Governor of West Virginia is threatening an energy embargo of his own, this time coal. The AP's headline: "W.Va. Gov. Seeks Halt in Coal Production". Actually the article says that they are going to do safety inspections on the mines.

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