Monday, December 26, 2005

Sweet Home Chicago

Back in Chicagoland for Christmas Day and I got to see the Bears/Packers game yesterday. I was a little conflicted having grown up among all things Wisconsin all my life. (You know? I was a fan of the Badgers as a young child before it even dawned on me that Illinois had a similar school. It became abundantly clear with plenty of time for me to make my college choice back in high school. Funny thing, that.)

The Bears won the game yesterday afternoon, which I guess is for the best since they got the most out of it. With the win the Bears clinched the NFC North title and a first-round bye in the playoffs. With the Vikings eliminated last night after their loss to Bawlmer, the Bears' season finale in Minnesota will probably resemble the final pre-season game with the starters playing about 1 quarter and everyone else playing the rest of the game. Except, maybe for Rex Grossman: I expect he'll play the entire first half.

As for the Packers, Noah Herron the Ball-Carrier got his first NFL touchdown--he went to My Better Two-Thirds's alma mater, don'tcha know. Brett played okay, but he still gave up a handful of interceptions to a really good pass defense. It would be sad to see #4 go out after a season like this one. I expect he'll come back next year to play with the Real Packers rather than the conglomeration of NFL Europe players he has around him now.

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