Thursday, December 15, 2005

Failure in Iraq

Zarqawi's failure, that is.

Zarq's been called out in the town of Babil by one Jasim Hameed:
"I'm here at this early hour to challenge the terrorists who want to kill the democratic process in Iraq and I want to encourage the healthy people to vote”.
Pajamas Media has first hand accounts from all over Iraq. Take a look at the upperleft portion of the site for updates throughout the day.

The story didn't mention the nature of Mr. Hameed's disability. I haven't heard a word yet from international election watcher and miserable failure of a US President James Earl Carter. I suppose that if there is no chance for a dictatorial regime to win the day, he won't consider the election "fair".

UPDATE 1720 EST: Pajamas Media has a summary of coverage up now here. Sounds like it has been a good day.

UPDATE 2005-12-16 1533 EST: A photo of a couple of Iraqi hotties sportin' the purple finger look is up at MVRWC. Iraqi Hotties... there's a phrase I never thought I'd type. Yet there it is.

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