Sunday, November 06, 2005

A Different Perspective

Was watching a show yesterday on Discovery Channel that had robotic recreations of dinosaurs duke it out. After the ankylosaur tail simulator smashed into a side of pork, My Honey declared "You just like to watch machines smash meat, don't you?"

I never thought of it that way before, but I guess I do.

The tail also smashed through a pretty sturdy timber. The scientists took that as an indication that the ankylosaurus could have smashed the lower leg bone of a large predator. For the predator's part, they showed the robotic jaws chew up a Mini Cooper, indicating that the actual dinosaur could have eaten through the ankylosaurus's bony armor... but only if it could get close enough.

I missed out on the tail vs. the (thawed) turkey simulation (apparently velociraptors were a little smaller than shown in Jurassic Park). Anyone know how that one came out? I'm betting on "turkey went flying".

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