Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Drink up, eh? or 15 a day for better health

Joe Walsh used to deadpan that the best hangover cure he knew of was to stay drunk. Proving that people can get grants to study anything, here's news out of Canada that shows how giving homeless alcoholics 1 drink an hour for every waking hour has made the study population "healthier".

15 a day for better health!

Unless you were one of the 3 of 17 participants that died, that is. From the Reuters article: "Three of the 17 participants died during the program, succumbing to alcohol-related illnesses that might have killed them anyway, the study said."

Also from the article:
The per capita cost of around C$771 ($660) a month was partially offset by monthly savings of C$96 a month in emergency services, C$150 in hospital care and C$201 in police services per person
It's all about the bucks when the government is in the healthcare business: all the caring warmth of an MVA teller.

I'll check in with Right Thinking People to see if there's more.

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