Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Weekly Standard on... Whole Foods?

I'm not an avid reader of the Weekly Standard. I usually just go there to read Hugh Hewitt's columns, or as with today, one by John Hinderaker. I stayed to browse around and found this piece on Whole Foods. It seems that Peter Singer--utilitarian bioethicist and Princeton professor--has given his grade A stamp of approval to Whole Foods.

(If you haven't previously seen Singer's views on sex-with-animals and the killing of infants, here's a Wikipedia article which outlines them. Mind your gag reflex.)

I'm sure Whole Foods has put this letter up for the same feel-good reasons as every other piece of socially conscious, touchy-feely claptrap they put up in their stores, that being "Look at us! We're socially conscious progressives who love animals!" And I'm holding out hope that Whole Foods may love animals, but they don't love animals.

Here's the link to the Standard piece, Brainwashing, Aisle 3, which includes the whole text of the letter in question.

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