Friday, February 04, 2005

Sisyphean Musings: Eason Jordon WEF Video

Sisyphean Musings: Eason Jordon WEF Video

Sisyphean Musings is working to get a copy of the WEF video wherein Eason Jordan slandered the US military.

Developing, as it were.

The WEF folks are not going to give up the tape. Sisyphus has posted an exchange with Mark Adams here.

A bummer, that, but I can understand the Davos viewpoint. The same non-attribution philosophy is the underpinning for software process assessments.

Still, CNN's reputation has been further tarnished by the story, at least among the blognoscenti. Anecdotes such as Hugh Hewitt's regarding Chris Matthews's disbelief and Judy Woodruff's not having heard any of this don't surprise me. They have the New York Times and the Washington Post and perhaps the LA Times and the Boston Globe. Beyond that... they don't know anything. If those sources don't report, the people who inhabit the former monopoly media just don't have a clue.

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